Sunday, November 29, 2009


this was supposed to be a cake.
for their 40th wedding anniversary.
with the ORIGINAL cake topper.
and almond frosting.
I was going to add fresh flowers,
and it was supposed to be admired as it sat atop grandmas cake plate.
what happened?


my name is lauren. said...

oh no! did it melt?

sheena said...

yes....the kitchen was a million degrees--the frosting started out perfect and then sloooowly started to melt. The cake then cracked, and the frosting poured into the crack and pushed it in every direction.....and then I just gave up.

shawna said...

But did it taste good?...And did everyone have a good chuckle? MEMORIES!!!!

Tyson said...

oh all goes to the same place....right?

Kaylynn said...

Yes! It tasted amazing! And it was beautiful in it's own way!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED IT!!!!! It tasted delicious and I thought it was just how it was suppose to be. It was very well represented on 40 years of marriage with all the PEAKS and VALLEYS you travel through in 40 years of marriage. I thought you planned it that way. You are an artist Sheena. Thank you for your thoughtfullness in making us a cake. We love you!